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To those who wonder why Leo didn’t “at least show he was worried about Raph”—THIS is why he’s the leader, because he doesn’t let his brother’s injuries freak him out during a mission. He doesn’t panic or drop everything—in fact, it was this ability to keep a cool head while risking his brother’s lives (as leaders HAVE to do) that set him apart as more suitable for leadership than Raphael. Raph was totally thrown off, completely distracted and horrified when Mikey got hurt. Leo’s job has always been putting his brothers in danger and making sure that they make it out of danger again.

If all that mattered was their safety, the turtles would never leave the Lair to help people in the first place. And that goes for every incarnation.







I would like to request a slow mo gif of Raph taking a load of venom in the face. Don’t let me down, fandom.

You rang?




and look at leo COMPLETELY…

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You guys are seriously twisted if you think loving family means you have no room for other people in your heart.

Leonardo knew Raphael has survived much worse—he also knew that Donatello was right there, and that he was the right guy to look after Raph. Leo sticking around would not have helped AT ALL. Being leader means knowing when your team can handle themselves, not constantly babysitting them and hovering and asking “ERMAHGAWD ARE YOU OKAY” in the middle of a mission.

His family was safe—Raph was in good hands with Donnie, and there wasn’t a moment to spare. He had to try to catch Karai before she vanished and slithered off WHO KNOWS WHERE, because:

1) She’s Splinter’s daughter, and Leo knows how important she is to his father, and he wants Splinter to be happy.

2) She’s a GIANT SNAKE. Out in the city?? Think of all the damage she could do and the innocent people she could hurt! She’s angry, confused, and obviously powerful, and now loose in NYC—a dangerous combination.

3) SHE’S HIS FRIEND, AND HIS FAMILY, and they will have no way to help her if she disappears (unlike Raph who is right there with Donnie and has been punched through brick walls before). Because, yeah, okay, Leo cares about another person WAT A CRIME

4) It was kind of the whole point of the mission in the first place???

rant ranty rant deal with y’all i can’t


"Guys… Leo…”

"—I know. You’re ‘not good at saying thank-you’.”

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The official ‘Orlesian Ball’ theme from the Dragon Age: Inquisition soundtrack was released! 



I Hate You / I Love You ~ Images of Shredder and young Karai

These are the two images I drew for the video I’ve been working on about Karai and the Shredder’s complicated love-hate parent-child relationship.

I tried my best to mimic the style of the flashbacks in the actual show so that they wouldn’t look too much like fanart just randomly stuck into the vid. I also knew that I wanted to draw these pictures from the start—I wanted to end with an affectionate flashback just to make the video that much more tragic, hahaha.

I hope I pulled it off. Posting these here so people can have a better look at them if they want. :D

pls check out the video though

Wheres the vid? And you flippin nailed this i actually thought it was a scene from the show thats how good this was :3

Thank-you! I’m glad people like them and are actually fooled by them a bit, that’s awesome, hahaha. X3 SUCCESS!

The video is linked in my first comment, but I’ll totally link it again right here! still proud of it

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How this scene went in my head and Leo’s.

Wait wait wait wait

In regards to the Karai toy from Playmates…

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Cool kids can’t die - The honor donor.
                 Friday night is a good night for romance.

Friday is buttery popcorn, stolen seats, and numerous trips to the bathroom in front of crammed theater skulkers and the occasional crying child. For a mutant and the sitting-bored inclined, this could only mean a trip to a dark, crowded concert where plenty shadows loom as towers above a sea of screams, and hands slipped together by pools of glistening sweat and love.

((Um, could you maybe not re-post my art without proper credit? I barely blogged it 4 hours ago, at least let me bask in the glow of heartfelt appreciation for like a week before stripping it away, pls. I HAVE BARELY BEGUN TO BASK.))