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I found a picture of Napoleon Bonafrog, who makes an appearance in the 3th season for TMNT.
What is that on his head? Looks like…uhhhh

he has a fanny pack oh my god

Just adding that he’s going to be voiced by Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder, hahaha.

(Source: tmnt2012series.wikia.com)





I would like to know who’s cloths April is wearing.

I only noticed the jacket at first



She’s had this outfit since “Panic in the Sewers”, peeps.

The jacket and the black hoodie. They’re hers.


THE FULL 2014 TMNT COMIC CON PANEL IS UP! However due to copyright and all that stuff, the Dimension X preview has been cut because Nick is full of jerks who are only kind to SDCC attendants, Still, enjoy!!

It’s not just Nick, hahah. SDCC actually has a thing on their page saying that no one is allowed to record ANY footage shown at the convention, because it wouldn’t be fair to people who paid money to get those sneak peeks.

Glad to finally have the rest, though!

April and Karai - TMNT

A poster I did awhile ago for a friend’s birthday. Style was inspired in equal parts by Jet Set Radio and Urbance. Mixed together by my own habits and corner-cutting.

Kinda like how it turned out. I have another one of the turtles, but I’ll put that up another day.

Is the video of the 2k12 TMNT SDCC panel out yet?

Nope, but I keep checking every so often. If I do see it I’ll post it here, but someone else may well find it first!

Could be up tomorrow, or anytime in the next week. Or even later. We rely on actual attendees with videocameras for stuff like this, hahha

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TMNT Crew sing a song that Greg Cipes wrote that morning.

"Yum Yummy… I Wanna Eat Ya"

As Josh Peck says, “Let’s see Game of Thrones do that!”


"Muckman & Joe Eyeball", coming next season to TMNT

Edit: Added wider shot—look at that adorably animated eyeball guy!



TMNT Season 2 Finale Trailer

Donnie said ” my baby” in 0:20 or it’s my imagination? m

I think he’s referring to the Shellraiser, considering they’re seen using a bus instead. If they still had the Shellraiser, WHY TAKE BUS

Aren't you as excited about the new characters as I am?

Yes? Probably??

But I don’t really know them yet, so honestly I’m more interested in what’s going to happen to the ones I already care about, hahah


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I sort of love that Gilbert Gottfried is a Kraang.

It just feels right.

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